Our beloved mascot Jimmy Fox was out for a walk the other night when he accidentally hit his head and passed out. He woke up with a headache and a sure shot feeling that he’s lost something important.  He hit his head so hard; he doesn’t even remember what it is that he lost! Jimmy Fox is very sad by this loss; and we can’t have a sad mascot, so we’re counting on you Ottawa to help Jimmy Fox figure out what he’s lost and return it to him. We’re so desperate to get Jimmy Fox back to his cheerful self that we will buy that item for a $1000 from the person that finds it.  Now the item has no monetary value but has a great sentimental value (or so we think J).


We need your help Ottawa, as the concussion is wearing off, Jimmy’s memory of that night is coming back slowly. His memories are somewhat mixed up and very hazy however. We’re hoping you guys can figure out how to make sense of his recollections.


Starting Thursday April 30th, 2015 we will be posting inside the store a daily clue that Jimmy Fox has come up with. Jimmy can only remember one detail about that night per day. However, there might be a few extra clues made available daily written down on something handy. So if you come into the store and bring your PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile for repair or servicing, Jimmy might be able provide you with an extra clue. The more clues you get the better chance you have to unravel the mystery behind what and more importantly where Jimmy Fox lost that night. So come into the store often, check out our great equipment lineup check out PC/Laptop repair specials and wide selection of Mobile accessories and most importantly; for a chance to WIN A $1000!


Join the conversation @ https://www.facebook.com/foxitcanada


Terms and Conditions:


i. The mystery item will be located in an easily and more importantly publicly accessible public property.

ii. Retrieval of the item will not require use of any tools nor will it require you to enter any private property or trespass in any way.

iii. No tools or digging will be required.

iv. No purchase is required to be eligible for the contest

v. FoxIT will not be held liable for any injuries.

vi. FoxIT will not be held responsible for any costs individual[s] accrued as a result of their search [e.g. Gas]

vii. A daily clue will be posted in our store and you agree not to post the clues on any social media boards or distribute the clues publicly in any way, shape or form.

viii. Feel free to pool your clues with your friends outside of the above mediums.

ix. An additional daily clue may be provided for any items purchased or services rendered should one be available at the time.

x. The item will need to be brought to our service center in order to claim the prize

xi. The item will have a unique serial number that will be verified before the prize is awarded.

xii. The $1000 will be provided in the form of prepaid MasterCard or Visa

xiii. Must be 18+ or older to participate

xiv.The contest will run from April the 30th until the item is located or Jimmy remembers where he left it at which time the person with most amount of clues collected will be awarded the prize if there are multiple entries with the same amount of clues, one will be selected at random from all submitted entries. (Make sure you write those clues down everybody!)

xv. The contest winner will be announced on our social media channels.

xvi. FoxIT employees, family member of said employees or individuals associated or related to FoxIT in any way (i.e. Vendors, Contractors, Sub-Contractors) are not eligible for the contest.

xvii. FoxIT reserves the right to terminate the contest at any time should there be a breach of the above conditions determined solely and to the satisfaction of the management team of FoxIT.  We are trying to keep this contest fair for everybody and no form of cheating will be tolerated.




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